Our Services


Improve health equity through innovative low barrier housing crisis intervention and advocacy for the homeless and home at risk groups with an extensive network of collaboration partners and the City of Sweet Home.

Outreach services

Conduct community based outreach to raise awareness of our mission, continuum of services, and to facilitate engagement with stakeholders who have contact with homeless and the homeless at risk.

Resource information and Referrals

Provide help filling out housing applications, HUD forms, and aid for financial assistance for housing. We allow the community to access housing resource information without stigma or judgment.

Suppport through social service processes

Provide pro-social, recreational, and culturally relevant activities that foster a sense of belonging within the community, and connect them to strengths, abilities, and interest.

Transportation Assistance

Reduce barriers to transportation and assist at-risk groups in accessing affordable transportation.  Also provide resource options, kennels for pets, and lockers for property that cannot be taken while traveling.

OHP Assistance

Providing key linkages to Samaritan Community Hospital, Linn County Mental Health and Health Services (Mental health counseling ,Covid supplies & Response) and social service partners in Linn County

Survival Supplies

Provide on-site medical assistance along with the dispensing of safe needles, Novocain, and other various first-aid items.

Notary Service