S.O.R.T. - Street Outreach Response Team

Providing Necessities

Founder, Shirley Byrd setting up for another day of street outreach

Definition of necessity of life: A thing that a person must have in order to survive. Many people and families cannot even afford the basic/bare necessities of life.

This was during the West Coast fires in 2020. It was a very difficult time for everyone, especially the homeless, breathing the smoke all day and not being able to escape it.


Our Mission

Family Assistance and Resource Center Group is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that serves people experiencing homelessness and housing instability in Linn county. Our street outreach program meets people where they are, in camps, cars, parks, campgrounds, and the streets to provide access to survival essentials, resources, and services.


Improve health equity through innovative low barrier housing crisis intervention and advocacy for the homeless and home at risk groups with an extensive network of collaboration partners and the City of Sweet Home.

Outreach Services


Conduct community based outreach to raise awareness of our mission, continuum of services, and to facilitate engagement with stakeholders who have contact with homeless and the homeless at risk.

Social Service Process Support

Provide help filling out housing applications, HUD forms, and aid for financial assistance for housing. We allow the community to access housing resource information without stigma or judgment.



Provide pro-social, recreational, and culturally relevant activities that foster a sense of belonging within the community, and connect them to strengths, abilities, and interests.

We are grateful for Family Assistance and Resources Center Group's work in our community! Donating our former Incident Command vehicle was one way to show our gratitude.
Sweet Home Police Dept.
Very passionate and committed
Barsideous Brewing
Highly dedicated and resourceful and caring!
Sara Jameson
A great resource for those that need it! Great people doing great things for our community!
Jen Korcek
You are reaching people and touching their lives in your work! You are an angel on earth.
Jenny Rae Miller
Great new resource for our community, and much needed!!
Sarah Clarke

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